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Selecting a Diamond

Choosing your own, special diamond is an exciting but sometimes daunting experience, so you should arm yourself with as much information as possible to ensure you select your perfect stone.

All Diamonds of Choice diamonds are GIA certified, which will give you peace of mind when it comes to guaranteeing the quality and purity of your stone. Within that certification will be details of the colour, clarity, cut and carat weight - collectively know as The 4Cs.

As well as using the 4Cs to select your stone, you can also search on additional qualities such as polish, symmetry and flourescence, all of which affect the intensity and sparkle of your diamond. Finally, the shape (round, pear, heart and so on) will determine many of your diamond's characteristics and final look.

Read through our education pages to find out all your need to know about buying your perfect diamond, or contact us if you have any queries or special requirements.