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Canadian Diamonds


More than a billion years ago, the Diavik diamond was formed deep underground by the mysterious forces of nature.  Traces of these diamonds were first discovered in 1991 in the remote Barren Lands of Canada's Northwest Territories.  Twelve years later, global mining company Rio Tinto opened the Diavik Diamond Mine, now recognized as one of the premier diamond mines in the world.

Diamonds have traditionally been sorted by size, color, and clarity, not by country of origin, meaning customers cannot determine from where a particular stone hails. But Canadian Diavik diamonds are different: Each has a traceable history, a story to be told and cherished along with the stone right from its Canadian origin.

Diavik diamonds typically make excellent polished gems due to the range of top white colors and consistent shapes. Formed naturally under the luminous northern lights, some say they have been infused with the mystery and brilliance of that light. After their long trip, they find a perfect new home in a stunning bracelet or necklace or ring, but they will carry the legacy of their Northern roots with them forever.

"Famous not just for its stunning natural stones, the state-of-the-art Diavik diamond mine has been recognized for its innovative engineering, environmentally sustainable mining practices and collaborative work with indigenous communities."


Diavik Diamond
The Mine of Origin programme has been created by Rio Tinto to guarantee the origin of their diamonds and the quality of the mine that produced them. By purchasing a Diavik Canadian Diamond you are assured:

* Each Certified Diamond is a natural gem sourced from Rio Tinto's Diavik Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

* Each Diavik diamond is tracked and segregated from other product streams from the mine to market.

* Each Diavik diamond is manufactured by a Select Diamantaire.

* Certified gems are laser-etched with a unique number, traceable to the Rio Tinto Diamonds lot number indicating size of original rough.

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Diavik Diamond