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Argyle Diamonds


Possibly Australia's greatest treasure, the Argyle Diamond Mine is one of the world's largest diamond producers by volume.

Situated in the North East of Western Australia, it is one of the largest volume producer of natural diamonds in the world. This West Australian Mine produces an average of 30-35 million carats of diamonds per year, supplying a quarter of the annual world production.

Argyle Mine Argyle diamonds have two unique features that set them apart from diamonds of other origins. They are harder than other diamonds and they tend to fluoresce under Ultra violet light. The hardness factor is said to be due to its host rock origin. The fluorescence, which is often an identifier of Argyle diamonds, aids in the recovery of the diamonds.

Pink Diamonds

Unlike white diamonds, which are graded according to their lack of colour, Coloured diamonds are graded according to their intensity of colour. As a general rule, Argyle coloured diamonds tend to be more included than white diamonds. It is extremely rare to find a near flawless Argyle pink diamond.

Argyle Pink Diamond The cause of colour in most diamonds is due to trace elements. Introduced into the crystal structure of the diamond.

Although it is not known exactly what causes the colour in Argyle Pink Diamonds, it is thought that a dislocation of the crystal lattice is source of their unique colour.

This distorted crystal lattice is the result of the extreme conditions under which the Argyle pink diamonds are formed. The distortion of the crystal lattice causes the diamond to absorb light differently than white diamonds and most importantly reflect different colours.

Because of this phenomena, it has been said that Argyle pink diamonds "blush when you look at them".

These prized gems come in a range of shades and hues. In order to identify them, Argyle have released a grading scale which is applicable to their diamonds. You will notice that only Argyle use this scale to categorise pink, blue and red diamonds.
View the colour scale here

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