While the solitaire engagement ring might be undeniably popular, some women just want something a little out of the ordinary. This might mean a vintage style, or something modern and sleek. Since choosing an engagement ring is probably the most important purchase you will ever make in your life, so it makes sense to consider all of your options before settling on one engagement ring. Here are four unusual engagement ring settings you might not have considered…

1. Split shank

Although not strictly a setting, the split shank is a unique and stunning engagement ring design that is definitely worth considering. The shank is the band part of the ring, so with a split shank the ring is split in two where it meets the setting. A variation of this style is the split shoulder setting, where the shank is only split at the section where the shank meets the setting.

2. Flush Settings

This is a very unconventional setting which involves setting the diamond within the band. This is popular with very active people who do not want to risk snagging the diamond on anything, or people who work with their hands. This setting is also a popular choice for men for their wedding band, or if they choose to wear an engagement ring.

3. Cathedral Settings

This is one of the most elegant engagement ring styles available and is often seen in vintage solitaire engagement ring styles. The cathedral style refers to the way the setting is held high above the ring on arches, rather than any style note relating to the prong setting style. Setting the stone high above the band makes it appear larger, but this will obviously mean that it is more likely to catch on clothing.

4. Tension Setting

Halfway between a bezel setting and the solitaire setting we find the tension setting. With this style, the stone is held in place using the tension of the band. The jeweller will use lasers to calibrate the exact dimensions of the diamond to create small grooves in the band to hold the stone in place. A popular variation of this style is the classical tension setting which also includes a concealed bezel setting to give extra security to the stone.