Argyle Pink Diamonds are a stunning option for your next piece of jewellery. These rare and extremely sought after diamonds come from Argyle's diamond mine in Western Australia and are said to 'blush' when you look at them. Through our parent company, Diamonds of Choice are able to source some of the finest pink diamonds in the world.

 Pink Diamonds

Where do Argyle Pink Diamonds come from?

The Argyle mine is owned and operated by Rio Tinto and it is the largest pink diamond producer in the world by volume. Levels of production have already reduced since 2015 and it’s predicted that it will shut down by 2020.

Are Argyle Pink Diamonds a good investment? Pink diamonds will become more rare than ever before! What is beyond rare, becomes more valuable, which is why the price of pink diamonds have steadily increased.

"Although the Argyle mine supplies about 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, surprisingly, production of a whole year of stones (greater than a half a carat) could be held in the palm of your hand. This shows the rarity of these beautiful stones.”
– Josephine Johnson – Argyle Mine

The more intense the natural colour, the more rare and expensive the stone. Certified natural Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds are the most expensive diamonds on the market ranging in price from $30,000 to $100,000 per carat – 20 times more than the price of a white diamond.

Coloured diamond chart

Here are 6 factors that influence the price of a pink diamond:

1. Colour saturation and intensity
2. Pink diamonds range from light to fancy and finally vivid (which is the highest grade)
3. Rarity of the colour and dimension of the diamond
4. Presence of a secondary colour (ie. PP is purplish pink or PC is pink champagne)
5. The carat size
6. The clarity

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! Enquire today and one of our diamond experts at Diamonds of Choice will advise you on your options. Whether it’s for investment or to create something unique, you will cherish pink diamonds for many decades to come.