There’s been a shift in wedding trends over the past few years with more and more couples opting for a wedding website over the usual wedding invitations. There are a number of benefits for choosing this high-tech method over the usual save the date and invitation method. Not only does building a wedding website save the time you might spend choosing wedding stationery, but it is also a lot more cost-effective. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the biggest benefits of a wedding website and tell you why you should consider bringing your wedding into the 21st Century…

Save Money

If you use a free wedding website builder, then you will save money on invitations and save the dates. While these might be a nice touch, there’s no reason a wedding website that is personalised by you and your partner can’t be just as enticing. You also won’t have to worry about postage, which can really add up if you’re posting invitations overseas.

Up-To-Date Itinerary

Any wedding planner will tell you that the fine details of the big day can often change quite a lot before the big day. Having a wedding website – as opposed to wedding invites – will allow you to keep guests up-to-date with the itinerary for the big day. Set up your website so that guests will receive an email every time you make a change to the itinerary and you won’t even need to worry about telling people to check the site.

Invite Guests with Ease

Keeping track of which guests are attending and which guests are bringing a plus one can be an absolute nightmare, but if everything is managed by email and spreadsheets, you can take a hands-off approach with the guest list. Worried about getting all the dietary requirements to your caterer? Share them into your digital guest list and they’ll be able to check is as often as they require.

Help Co-Ordinate Guests

If you have a lot of guests travelling a long distance to your wedding then you might want to help them coordinate accommodation. Most wedding websites integrate with hotel booking sites, so they can find a hotel within their budget and close to your wedding venue with ease. This will prevent people from bombarding you with questions about where to stay when you are already up to your eyes in wedding planning tasks.

The Registry

If you are planning to have a wedding registry, or if you would rather have guests send money donations, the best way to manage this is with a wedding website. This way, you can register at multiple places, or you can set up an online payment system to collect the wedding gifts.